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Earthmoving Contractors Association of Texas P.O. Box 36 - Rowena, Texas 76875 (325) 340-8370
2021-2022 OFFICERS

Clint Cornell
Claude, TX

Vice President
Rick Vasquez
Houston, TX

Heath Lehmann
Giddings, TX

2020-2022 DIRECTORS

District 1
Wesley Greer
Sequin, TX

District 2
Marty Caston
Robert Lee, TX

District 3
Eddie Leatherwood
Dublin, TX

District 4
John Frerich
Rowena, TX

District 5
Ed Smith
Fairfield, TX

District 6
J. D. Godby
Clifton, TX

District 7
Galen Weber
Uvalde, TX

District 8
Tommy Watson
Cuero, TX

District 9
Joe Ed Jenschke
Kerrville, TX

District 10
Trooper Irving

Canyon Lake, TX

District 11

District 12

Russell Welch

Winona, TX

At Large Director
Open- Looking for Volunteer
Call Charles 325-977-8270

Associate Director
David Sweeney
Ft. Worth, TX

Insurance Negotiator

Dave Sund
San Antonio, TX

Executive Secretary
Charles Frerich

Rowena, TX
(325) 340-8370

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